GameSafe empowers parents to protect their children while gaming online.

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There are more than 750,000 predators online everyday.

Children are on devices an average of 11 hours a day.

There is a 97.5% increase in predatory activity since Covid.

GameSafe is an app that works behind the scenes on your child’s device to monitor the chat in the games your kids love to play.

Finally, there is a solution to protecting your children from inappropriate content, online predators, and cyberbullying. Now parents can be confident that their children can play games online even when they cannot be right next to them and do so safely.

GameSafe monitors the chat happening inside your kids' favorite games and alerts you to potential dangers before it is too late.

Now you get to decide how to address threats to your children.



GameSafe’s patented algorithms identify criminal patterns of behavior that attempt to exploit your child across  8 different categories and alert you when an immediate or growing threat is happening.


Hate Speech

We look for offensive or threatening language used to target a specific group, including any gender, race, or religious group



We watch for any act of targeting or verbally attacking or intimidating your child.


Vulgar Conversations

We keep an eye out for profanity and
conversations that are inappropriate.


Platform Departure

We guard against gamers attempting to move the conversation away from the protected gaming platform to discord or other messaging apps.



We consistently scan for mentions of self-harm, which include cutting, self mutilation or suicide.


Mental Health

We watch for signs of depression, anxiety, aggression, and much more. We will alert you the moment we see a change in conversation behavior.


Substance Abuse Content

We are on the lookout for conversations that talk about alcohol or drug use, including smoking, chewing and vaping.



See all your child's activity in one place

Easy to use dashboard that shows all the issues and conversations your children have been chatting in.

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Simple yet powerful child dashboard

Everything you need to know about the threat protection coverage for your child is right here.


Review the entire conversation as it happens

Now you can see exactly what is happening along with the reported threats so you can act before it's too late

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Detailed reporting on all the threats detected

See color-coded current and previously reviewed reported threats and types

Frequently Asked Questions

GameSafe is an easy-to-use app that easily installs on the child's device, with a parent app that will operate seamlessly on the device of the parent's choosing.

Have more questions? Send us a message, or follow us on social media and dm us, we would love to hear from you!


GameSafe started because we have recognized an increase in predatory and bullying behavior. More than ever, children are spending more time online in gaming environments.

GameSafe works with parents to provide a barrier between our children and these dangerous situations, so they can play safely, even when you are not there.